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Cervical cancer

Cervical cancer

Cancer is a condition of abnormal cell divisionAbnormal cell division in cervix cell causes cervical cancer.

HPV means Human Pappilomma Virus. It is responsible virus to causing cervical cancer

Cervical cancer significantly causes women death unwantedly death.

Cervical cancer starts when women cervix is infected by HPV. When cancer is invasive it affacts the deeper tissue of cervix. Sometime it may be metastasis.

Metastasis is a condition when cancer spread out different organ from infected organ.

Symptom of cervical cancer

At the initial stage there have no symptom. But with the progression of cancer symptom become apparent. These common symptom that indicates of existing cervical cancer is pelvic pain, abnormal vaginal bleeding or pain during sexual intercourse.


About 90% causes of cervical cancer is HPV virus infection. Hence, cervical cancer is also called STD type infectious disease. STD means sexually transmitted disease. Another most life threatening disease is AIDS.

Though, HPV infection is a major cause of cervical cancer, there have another cause. Smoking, birth control pill and weak immune system significantly triggers to cause cervical cancer.

Types of Cervical cancer

Major types of cervical cancer is squamous cell carcinoma. About 90% case of cervical cancer is found as squamous cell carcinoma and about 10% case of cancer is adenocarcinoma.

Another types of cervical cancer is

Adenosquamous carcinoma

Small cell carcinoma

Neuroendocrine tumor

Glassy cell carcinoma

Villoglandular adenocarcinoma


Worldwide, cervical cancer is consider as the fourth common cause of women death. On the basis of segmentation of countries among developing country, low income country and developed country there found different structure of cervical cancer. About 70% case is found in developing country to cause cervical cancer. In low income country the mortality rate is very high. In developed country due to public awareness the rate of infection by HPV is significantly reduced. As a cancer cause of women death worldwide, cervical cancer is the second cause of women death after breast cancer.

In United States of America, Hispanic women is diagnosed with cervical cancer with very high rate than the general population. Among other types of cancer in women reproductive system such as ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer, cervical cancer case is less than these.


It is possible to prevent cervical cancer. First awareness socially is a part of prevention else. Vaccine can significantly prevent cervical cancer. The Papanicolao test reduces the mortality of cervical cancer in significant rate.

In mid 1980, with a parallel research by Georgetown University, Queensland University, Australia and US National Cancer Institute develops vaccine against cervical cancer and started market by Merck & Co.

Treatment of cervical cancer

Cervical cancer treatment varies country to country. There have several option to treat cervical cancer. The mostly used option of cervical cancer treatment is given bellow,

Radical pelvic surgery

Fertility sparing therapy


Cervical cancer is more radiosensitive. Hence, radiotherapy is effective. Now, Chemotherapy is also found more effective treatment option of cervical cancer than radiotherapy.

Microinvasive cancer can treat by hysterectomy. Hysterectomy is a treatment option of removal of whole uterus including vagina.

The women who wants to preserve their fertility, another treatment option for them is trachelectomy by which cancer is removed by preserving ovaries and uterus.

Protection of cervical cancer

Using condom during sexual intercourse can protect HPV infection and developing of cervical cancer. Condom using not only protect HPV virus, but also it protects another virus that can spread out through sexual intercourse, these are HPV, chlamydia and others. There have mixed conception of benefit of using condom against HPV development. Prostaglandin is found to protect development of HPV.

Society and cultural impacts on cervical cancer

A study on cervical cancer condition and mortality rate in Australia indicates the effect of social and cultural tradition. Aboriginal women in Australia is high rate in mortality than the non-aboriginal women in Australia by cervical cancer.



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